Deep Locust offers a number of possibilities, below we present examples of the system's areas of operation

About Technology

Deep Locust is a unique service that coordinates the work of an intelligent swarm of drones to collect various types of information using innovative methods. Drones are equipped with proprietary software that allows the swarm to act as one organism, separate it into groups or perform tasks specified in the devices. The units are able to transfer information to each other and to the coordination center where data is analyzed and compiled. The most innovative software of our devices is their equipment with elements of artificial intelligence, which allows drones to learn from each other based on algorithms.

drones fly over the city

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Why Choose Us?

Our product offers an extremely flexible approach to modern and autonomous drone management technology. The whole concept allows you to adapt solutions to many areas of life, while maintaining maximum efficiency and ergonomics, significantly increasing the possibilities compared to standard solutions so far, also we using our technology to adapt to each client individually.